If you find yourself not understanding a single word posted on this site – that just means you don’t know Polish. Don’t worry, it happens often. Below, you’ll find out what this site is about and who manages it. If you’d like to see our content more in-depth, we invite you to use Google Translate to explore.

Grafmag is an internet magazine focused on graphic design, photography and web design. Our goal is to provide high-quality content to inspire and help our readers develop in areas they’re interested in. Grafmag is an actual, legally-registered magazine in Poland. It was listed in the Registry of Journals and Magazines on January 4th, 2013 by the District Court of Bydgoszcz with the registration number R Pr 733.

The article authors are Polish graphic designers and web developers who decided to share their knowledge with others, for free. The quality of the content is carefully overseen by editors Aleksandra Wolska and Hubert Tulibacki.

The types of articles we publish are tutorials, book reviews, collections of inspiring projects, lists of useful materials and more. All the articles and collections are copyright of their respective authors. If you’d like to use any article on your site, familiarize yourself with the type of license everything it is posted under. You can find the license information posted at the bottom of each article.

If you found your project on our site, it means we found it especially inspiring and worth showing to our audience.

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